Air Freight

Air freight is one of our core services as a clearing & forwarding agent. We offer competitive rates & a personal service that larger corporate cannot match. We’re always available & we do whatever needed to ensure our shipments move with minimal fuss & hassle. We do constant tracking updates on all our shipments & liaise with the guys on there ground where necessary to ensure that if there are delays, we are the first to know.

Besides normal air freight, we have lots of experience in handling oversized pieces that fall outside the scope of regular airline cargo . We can offer the best routing, transit times & rates for all your air freight requirements.

 Air freight process:

1) Request a quote from our team & choose whether you prefer a more cost effective & slower service or more expensive quicker routes. For the quote, we will need the full dimensions (length, width & height in centimeters & weight), the destination & what the cargo is. The cargo will need to be packaged accordingly as you can take it for granted that the airline handling agents do not treat your cargo as you would do

2) Once the quote has been accepted we will book the cargo & give you the flight details as well as the ETA (estimated time of arrival). Before the cargo is handed to the airline we need to do the customs clearance. For the customs clearance, we will need a commercial invoice & a signed clearing instruction that contains your customs exporters code (cuscode), incoterm & other relevant info. If you do not have a cuscode we can send you the SARS forms required to apply for one

3) Once we have processed the documentation we will hand the cargo to the airline & track it from there. We track the cargo daily & will inform you of any delays. Delays can happen & the best we can do from our side is keep you updated & liaise with the airlines to try to avoid further delays.

4) The cargo will arrive at the destination. If we quoted to the airport only then this is where our responsibility terminates. You will be responsible to liaise with your appointed clearing agent at the destination. Your appointed clearing agent will pass the customs paperwork & arrange collection & delivery of the cargo. If we have quoted & are handling the cargo through to a delivery address we will liaise with our agents to ensure everything runs smoothly & keep you updated.